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Oklahoma WR Transfer Justin Brown Desires Penn St. Degree

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Most college football fans should be accustomed to hearing the name Justin Brown by now. In an attempt to shore up the concerns at wide receiver, news broke that the Oklahoma Sooners had jumped in on the mass exodus that had struck the Penn St. Nittany Lions. The end result was securing a senior transfer who actually had experience on the Division I level.

Soon after landing on campus, Brown was making a splash with his attitude toward the game. He showed maturity in light of a bad situation while dealing with critics hiding behind a twitter screen name. But even more so, Brown showed he is capable of being a quality receiver that the coaching staff, as well as Landry Jones, can depend upon. It was because of this attitude combined with his skills that praise came his way.

However, it is now surfacing that Brown still desires obtaining a degree from Penn St. Can you blame him though? The Big 10 is full of AAU Accredited schools with PSU being one of those. This is a conference that prides itself on its academics. While at Oklahoma, Brown plans to enroll in classes that will transfer back to Penn St. While some will look down on this move from both fan bases, I support his efforts. Academics appear to be important to this kid and he values his education.

Any athletic youngster with promise looking for a role model can look toward Justin Brown. Academics are always the first question in the recruiting process.