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OU Football 2012 - Projecting The Sooners Two-Deep


At some point, Bob Stoops will release a depth chart that will almost assuredly prove to be completely worthless and yet here we sit waiting with bated breath. So rather than waiting, we figured we'd go ahead and take a crack at what the two-deep could look like once we finally get a glimpse.


Quarterback - Landry Jones (senior), Blake Bell (sophomore)

Running Back - Dominique Whaley (senior), Brennan Clay (junior)

Fullback - Trey Millard (junior), Aaron Ripkowski (sophomore)

Wide Receiver - Justin Brown (senior), Durron Neal (freshman)

Wide Receiver - Trey Metoyer (freshman), Lacoltan Bester (junior)

Slot Receiver - Kenny Stills (junior), Sterling Shepard (freshman)

Tight End - Geneo Grissom (sophomore), Brannon Green (junior)

Left Tackle - Lane Johnson (senior), Tyrus Thompson (sophomore)

Left Guard - Adam Shead (sophomore) Nila Kasitati (freshman)

Center - Gabe Ikard (junior), Austin Woods (junior)

Right Guard - Bronson Irwin (junior), Nila Kasitati (freshman)

Right Tackle - Daryl Williams (sophomore), Tyrus Thompson (sophomore)

Thoughts - Not a ton of shockers. I know some will complain about Clay, but we've covered this (a bunch of times). There is some buzz that Thompson could supplant Johnson at left tackle and we already know Bruce Kittle plans to rotate all three guys at both tackle spots.


Defensive End - R.J. Washington (senior), Rashod Favors (sophomore)

Defensive Tackle - David King (senior), Jordan Phillips (freshman)

Defensive Tackle - Jamarkus McFarland (senior), Casey Walker (senior)

Defensive End - Chuka Ndulue (sophomore), Charles Tapper (freshman)

Weakside Linebacker - Corey Nelson (junior), Joseph Ibiloye (senior)

Middle Linebacker - Tom Wort (junior), Jaydan Bird (senior)

Nickelback - Gabe Lynn (junior), Julian Wilson (sophomore)

Cornerback - Demontre Hurst (senior), Lamar Harris (senior)

Free Safety - Tony Jefferson (junior), Jesse Paulsen (senior)

Strong Safety - Javon Harris (senior), Gabe Lynn (junior)

Cornerback - Aaron Colvin (junior), Gary Simon (freshman)

Thoughts - Again, not a ton of surprises here as far as I'm concerned. Though it would appear there are definitley some depth issues, like safety specifically and those backup corner spots as well.


Kicker - Michael Hunnicutt (sophomore)

Punter - Tress Way (senior)

Kick Return - Brennan Clay (junior), Roy Finch (junior)

Punt Return - Kenny Stills (junior), Justin Brown (senior)

Deep Snapper - Austin Woods (junior)

Long Snapper - Daniel Franklin (senior)

Thoughts - Just one. If Franklin can get the same kind of release James Winchester got these last couple years, he might actually kill someone this season.