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OU Football 2012 - New Development At Tight End For The Sooners?

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Very few Oklahoma football fans are unaware of the issues their Sooners are currently experiencing at the tight end position. Following the loss of two seniors and the decision by a promising young player to transfer, OU was forced to start from scratch in 2012.

In an effort to do so, they brought in two players this spring (Brannon Green and Taylor McNamara) with the hope that the extra time would better prepare them for the coming season. Earlier this summer, we also learned that once promising defensive end, Geneo Grissom, requested a position change and would be flipping to the offensive side of the ball.

It was somewhat of a surprising move because (1) Grissom, a third year sophomore, had not played the tight end position since his high school days and even then only part-time and (2) many thought he had a bright future as a defensive end. Regardless, the coaches honored his request and Grissom starting working with the offense in summer workouts and fall practices.

On Thursday afternoon during an interview with Sirius satellite radio, OU fans got some more surprising news regarding Grissom from head coach Bob Stoops. Evidently, Grissom has impressed so much since the switch that Stoops seemed to imply that he would be the starter as things stand today

(Ed. note - I say "imply" because I was not able to actually listent to the interview. I'd prefer to quote Stoops directly just to avoid any possible confusion, so if anyone heard the interview or has access to it and can give me a direct quote I'll gladly add it and credit you for it.)

Frankly, the assertion from Stoops pretty much came out of left field. Just a couple days ago, the coaches met with the media for the first time in just over a week and when asked about the tight end position few had glowing reviews to report. More to the point, Grissom was not mentioned and in the past couple weeks when asked specifically about him Stoops hasn't exactly raved about his performance.

Maybe this was just another case of the ultimate tactician we know Stoops to be keeping his cards close to his vest? Maybe it was a motivational ploy meant to get back to Green and/or McNamara? I suppose at this point it really doesn't matter very much until they line up against UTEP in two weeks.

Naturally, this news will lead some of us to "freak out" about how bad the tight ends must be if a guy like Grissom can switch to the position and supposedly win the starting job after just a couple weeks. Much like some will trend more to the positive side of things and rejoice in the fact there are not apparently three viable options at tight end. The rest of us will just sit back and watch.

So which camp do you fall in?