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Sooners Suddenly Overshadowed In Their Own State?

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I mean, could we really have gone with any other picture?  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
I mean, could we really have gone with any other picture? (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I'm not sure I know how to respond to this AP article seriously. Keep in mind, I had to add the question mark to the headline above. This article appears to be based on the premise that the question mark wouldn't belong, which again goes back to the "this can't be serious" part of this whole thing.

Let us start by getting the necessary and deserved out of the way right up front. OSU beat the ever-loving you know what out of Oklahoma last year. Props for that, you certainly earned it. OSU has also been exceptionally good (you know, by their standards) over the last four years putting up nine, nine, eleven, and twelve wins respectively. Boone Pickens Mike Gundy has done plenty of impressive things with that program and absolutely deserves credit for all that he/they have accomplished.

All that said, let's pump the freaking breaks on this 'overshadowed' talk.

First, OU hasn't exactly been a slouch themselves over the last four years putting up win totals of twelve, eight, twelve, and ten. Plus, there is that little tricky part of Oklahoma checking in as the sixth most all-time wins while Oklahoma State is just slightly behind at #64.

More from this "article."

The Sooners' supremacy in the state had been waning for years. Mike Gundy has built a strong program in Stillwater on a foundation created by Les Miles' back-to-back Bedlam wins the years after Oklahoma won it all.

Again, if I didn't know better I'd swear this guy was trolling OU fans. That first sentence, I mean, seriously?!? For years??? Oh and Gundy did a hell of a job capitalizing on those "back-to-back Bedlam wins" dropping the next eight Bedlam games. Yeah, last year was Oklahoma State's first victory over Oklahoma in the last night years. But apparently an a#$ kicking (which is exactly what that was) not only erases the last eight years, it also erases the most lopsided "rivalry" in college football as well.

82-17-7. When you'd have to win the next 65 consecutive games just to make the "rivalry" competitive, celebrating a single victory like you just scored with Kate Upton only validates the low regard with which we OU fans hold you in. We know, we know, the past means nothing. It's all irrelevant because know "you've arrived!" Forgive us if we've heard that a time or two before, fellas.

Last season, Oklahoma State finally kicked down the door after eight straight Bedlam losses and got its first conference title since 1984 and first BCS bowl trip.

Congrats on your first conference title and your first BCS bowl trip.

The spoils turned up in recruiting when safety Kevin Peterson reversed a recent trend, breaking his commitment to Oklahoma and signing with the Cowboys instead. All-American receiver Ryan Broyles and starting cornerback Demontre Hurst made celebrated switches in the opposite direction in recent years.

This might be my favorite part. Partly because I follow recruiting as closely as I do, but also because it shows either (1) how little this person knows about recruiting or (2) just how little research/effort was put into this "article." The author isn't wrong in his assertion that Peterson spurned OU for the Cowboys, but he seems to imply that Peterson is some kind of game changing recruit. To their credit, Gundy and OSU have made major strides in recruiting (in large part of their sugar daddy, but also as a result of their success on the field), but to insinuate they are on the same level as Oklahoma is beyond ridiculous.

To be fair, Peterson was a very good high school player and I was excited for him to join this Sooners squad. This isn't mean to disparage Peterson as a player in any way, but it might be just a tad premature to be mentioning a true freshman who has yet to play a single down of D-I football with guys like Ryan Broyles and Demontre Hurst. I'm just saying.

I'll never understand what it's like to be an Oklahoma State fan (thank god for that!) trying to fight their way out of the massive shadow of all that is Oklahoma Football. Again, I couldn't ever know, but I'm quite sure it's a miserable existence. I've always found it incredibly ironic that their best and most famous players was renowned for scoring a touchdown and acting like he'd been there so many times before. And yet the program/fan base with which he played for has always been so insecure they could never learn from that sterling display of class.

I suppose at the end of the day, in spite of my best efforts, I can't help but feel sorry for them. Especially when people try and make assertions as foolish as the one made in this "article" and filling with even more false hope.

It's just too cruel.