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OU Football 2012 - Sooners In On A Possible Penn State Departure?

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Major credit to the guys at SoonerScoop who broke the story of Oklahoma's possible interest in Penn State wide receiver Justin Brown late Tuesday night (and props for making it free!). With a receiving position group hurting for experience, the Sooners reported interest would certainly seem to make sense. Brown was Penn State's leading receiver last season finishing with 35 receptions, 517 yards, and two touchdowns. Modest numbers to be sure, but that was much more a product of State's anemic passing offense than any kind of indication as to Brown's talent.

All that said, according to the SoonerScoop report there may be some question as to just how serious Oklahoma's interest may be at the moment.

"They've been in contact," Brown confirmed Tuesday evening via text message. "Not that much contact. They've backed off."

Rumors on message boards indicated Brown was already headed to Oklahoma. But Brown said those rumors were untrue when pressed if he was indeed transferring to Oklahoma.

"Not as of now," he responded.

With the first practice of fall camp starting on Friday, one would think if Oklahoma is serious about Brown they would have to pick up the pace of their pursuit pretty quickly.

Now Brown could be downplaying the contact between himself and OU for whatever reason, so we'll simply have to wait and see if things change in the coming days.