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Sooner Daydreams - Barry Sanders In Crimson And Cream

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EA Sports' NCAA Football 13 allows you to take former Heisman Trophy winners and place them on any team that you would like. This is actually a great feature for those daydreamers out there who like to wonder, "what if." In fact for a guy like me, who isn't a gamer, it even got me thinking.

Oklahoma has an outstanding history and tradition of great running backs. From DeMarco Murray and Adrian Peterson of the last two decades to De'Mond Parker of the 90's, Spencer Tillman of the 80's, Billy Sims and Joe Washington of the 70's and beyond there never been a struggle coming up with a list of great ball carriers who played for the Sooners. There's also never been a reason for Oklahoma fans to be jealous of talent at other universities as the OU is among the best in the nation at putting talent on the field.

That said, there is one player in the history of college football in which I wish we would have seen him wearing crimson and cream. As rich as the history of Oklahoma's football program is, there's one player whom I believe could have advanced OU's place among the elite in college football even further. Can you imagine Barry Sanders in Oklahoma's backfield?

The Sooners were the kings of college football in 1985. Their 25-10 win over Penn State in the Orange Bowl landed the 6th national championship in Norman and put Oklahoma back on the top of the college football world for the first time in a decade. They didn't necessarily fall off the face of the earth following that season but losses to Miami in `86 and in `87 cost OU a legitimate chance at winning two more titles.

Those `86 and `87 teams were dominant. They won by an average score of 41-8 with a smothering defense and an offense that racked up yards at an eye popping rate. The addition of Sanders to that offense would have been off the chart. The way he was able to shift directions and accelerate has been unparalleled and his strength was amazing.

While I believe that Sanders could have helped OU to another championship in either `86 or `87 it was 1988 where he would have had the biggest impact as a Sooner. Oklahoma went 9-3 that year by closing out the season with a 7-3 loss to Nebraska and a 13-6 loss to Clemson in the Citrus Bowl. That began a miserable stretch in which Oklahoma would lose three games or more (sometimes much more) each season until the national championship run of 2000. There's no doubt in my mind that Barry Sanders 2,850 rushing yards and 42 touchdowns would have bettered that `88 season.

Oh well, that's my daydream. What's yours?

This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.

EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13: "Tiger" (via EASPORTS)