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CCM Mailbag: Fall Camp And Justin Manning's Mindset

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It is the slow time of the year for Sooner athletics and with football season on the horizon its only natural for our thoughts and conversations to steer in that direction. At Crimson And Cream Machine we love hearing from our readers and site members and with the aforementioned slow time being right on top of us, it give us something to talk about.

1. When does the team officially reconvene for the 2012 season?

2. Regarding Justin Manning, why did the offer go out to him so late (at least in his mind)? I would assume the coaches knew he was talented enough to play for OU. And, if he does eventually sign with OU, what will the mindset be both for him and the coaches? Just seems like it might be an adversarial relationship.

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Most of the players are on campus right now for summer workouts. However, the actual fall camp won't begin until the first week of August. I don't know about you but I can't wait to see the Sooners open up camp with the Oklahoma drill. That's the telltale sign that football has officially arrived.

As far as Manning goes, the entire situation is a bit of a mystery. Oklahoma's coaches have been very meticulous in regards to handing out scholarship offers for the 2013 class. Jackie Shipp has done an outstanding job at building relationships with defensive line recruits and their parents so we have to trust him to do his best with Manning.

This class is shaping up pretty well as far as the defensive line is concerned with OU already locking up commitments from defense ends Matt Dimon and D.J. Ward. At present time there are 19 schools trying to persuade Manning to come play for them. If he does end up at Oklahoma then it will be because he feels this is the best place for him to thrive and have a shot at the next level. I certainly wouldn't expect there to be any attitude or relational issues with the coaches.