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Sooner Kickoff Football Preview Now Available At Amazon

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The 2012 Sooner Kickoff in now available at Amazon
The 2012 Sooner Kickoff in now available at Amazon

I would like to express a huge amount of gratitude to everyone who has purchased our 2012 Sooner Kickoff. The football preview has become one of my favorite things to write and put together over the last two years. Getting it into the hands of our readers at a good price is an absolute priority to us and if you haven't gotten a copy yet then it just got easier to do so. Amazon has picked up the publication and is selling it for the Kindle and its still at the same low price as our other retailers. Here is a direct link to the 2012 Sooner Kickoff on Amazon.

Don't forget, there is also the option to order the preview directly from us here at Crimson And Cream Machine by clicking below. You can also download the MOBI and EPUB formats at Booktango by clicking on the link in the left sidebar. Thanks again for making this project worth while!

Order Your Copy Of The 2012 Sooner Kickoff!

View the table of contents after the jump!

2012 Sooner Kickoff Table Of Contents


About The 2012 Sooner Kickoff

Special Thanks!

New Faces - A look at the incoming 2012 class

Playmakers - Position breakdowns

The Weight Of A Nation - Landry Jones shoulders the burden of success for the Sooner offense

Home Away From Home - The Cali-Trio has brought their western flavor to Norman and have found a home

New Kids On The Block - West Virginia and TCU come into the Big XII as title contenders

Lighting A Fire - Mike Stoops is back on the sidelines for the Sooners but can he bring back a fiery mentality to the defense?

Standing In The Way - Twelve teams stand in the way of Oklahoma having the chance to play for an eighth national championship

2012 OU Football Schedule - Opponent Previews


Worst Of The Worst - The Big XII's worst non-conference games

Florida A&M

Kansas State

Texas Tech



Notre Dame

Best Of The Best - The Big XII's Best non-conference games

Iowa State


West Virginia

Oklahoma State


2012 Sooner Kickoff All-Conference Team