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OU Football Recruiting - Sooners Reportedly Suffers Significant Blow To 2013 Class

The rumors had been out there for a while. Heck, someone (with way too much time on their hands) even went to the trouble to create a fake web page this afternoon prior to the news above breaking Monday night. According to Mike Farrell of, the Sooners have reportedly lost a potential five star running back from their 2013 class.

Greg Bryant's verbal commitment was a surprise when it happened and from that day, if you follow recruiting, you knew that his commitment (fairly or unfairly) was going to be in doubt until February 2013. Evidently, it didn't take nearly that long.

If there is only one thing you need to know about recruiting, it's that things are fluid. Things can change very quickly and while things look bad now, it's a long time between today and signing day in February. That certainly does not mean Cale Gundy and Oklahoma can convince Bryant that his was a mistake, but you can definitely expect them to try.

Assuming they cannot do so, the question then becomes will the Sooners seek to replace him? My initial thought is yes, they would like to take two running backs in this 2013 class. The most likely target would actually be a teammate of a current Sooner verbal commitment (Matt Dimon) in Adam Taylor. Honestly, at this point we're still digesting this news. We'll have more for you in the coming days with respect to more possible options.

Right now, I just want this day to be over.