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OU Football 2012 - Sooners Wide Receiver Not Arriving In Norman Until January?

I suppose at this point this was probably inevitable, but you can't blame OU fans for holding out hope things wouldn't play out this way. To be fair, this isn't officialy yet but Tulsa World columnist John Hoover has quality sources and he's not the kind of guy to run with stuff like this just to be the first one out here with it (as is so prevalent on the interwebs/Twitter nowadays).

It's interesting that the term 'grayshirt' is being used as it seems to imply that Gardner will not take a year at a prep school, similar to what Metoyer did last year. Though with Gardner being a junior college player that option may not be available to him (full disclosure: I simply do not know enough about how all of that works, though on it's surface it seems to make sense that he wouldn't be allowed that option).

I'm not entirely sure how the timing would work, but I suppose it would mean he arrives at Oklahoma later this fall but too late to enroll for the fall semester. So he would enroll and be put on scholarship in January/spring semester. Assuming this report is accurate, I'm sure more details will eventually come out.

The wide receiver position just lost what could have arguably been its most talented player in 2012. That can't be a good thing.