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OU Football 2012 - Sooners Offensive Line Depth Takes A Hit

SoonerScoop, continuing to do what they do (i.e. break news), confirmed (according to their sources obviously) two rumors that had been circulating OU message boards for about a week.

The first being the failure of JUCO 2012 offensive lineman Will Latu to qualify academically and the second being the knee injury Dylan Dismuke suffered that has apparently ended his football career.

Both are disappointing in different ways. Latu for the fact he knew what he had to do to make it (pass his classes) and he simply wasn't able to get it done. Dismuke to a much greater extent (in my opinion) because a young man's career is cut short really before it ever got started. Have to really feel for him, but your health is obviously something you cannot mess around with.

Neither players were expected to start, but both could have potentially contributed so the overall depth of the Sooners offensive line definitely took a hit today.