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OU Football 2012 - Sooners Reserve Linebacker Academically Ineligible According To His Position Coach

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Sooners reserve linebacker, Londell Taylor, has apparently been ruled academically ineligible for the fall (which essentially equates to the season) according to his new position coach, Tim Kish, in a radio interview given Tuesday afternoon.

Taylor's name may or may not be familiar to OU fans. He actually played minor league baseball for awhile before coming back to school to pursue a football career. He redshirted last year after injuring his shoulder, though with his time away from the game the injury isn't really what precipitated the redshirt.

He wasn't likely to play a big role in the OU defense this season, but he could have potentially seen time on special teams. Plus, linebacker isn't exactly a position where Oklahoma has an overwhelming amount of depth so while this certainly isn't catastrophic it does hurt their overall depth at the position.