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Sooner Football: Official Roster Mishaps

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This has been quite the day for those following the roster in what has been deemed downed time as writers scour the web for something interesting to keep the readers pouring in. Saturday, as Jordan informed us, a printable roster could be found with a suspended receiver being listed. This of course would cause an uproar on the interwebs. Aside from this mishap, there are a couple of other confusions to take note of concerning the roster.

First was that Courtney Gardner who was listed with the #85, and was later temporarily removed from the official roster as the printable roster was taken down. For a kid that was looking to qualify in order to gain eligibility to play for the Sooners, this looked bad. However, he has been officially added back to the roster.

The second thing to note is that Will Latu was reported as falling short of the qualifications in order to gain eligibility and would begin exploring other options. A quick glance at the roster reveals that his name is still listed. Could this mean that there is a chance he could still qualify?