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2012 Sooner Kickoff Football Preview Now Available At Scribd

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The list of online options for you to grab a copy to our 2012 Oklahoma football preview ebook just grew by one as the publication has been picked up by Scribd. Booktango, Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble were already on-board to carry the preview and now Scribd becomes the next retailer.

Other than the samples we are releasing here at Crimson And Cream Machine, Scribd offers the most detailed preview of the Kickoff and they have it listed at the great price of $4.99. You can check it out here. Other options for downloading the preview are located in the left sidebar.

Again, a huge thanks goes out to all of you who have purchased our football preview and as always you can order your PDF copy (readable on iPads and other Apple products, Droid, BlackBerry and computers) directly from us by using the "Buy Now" button below. The PDF will be sent directly to your email inbox.

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