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OU Men's Basketball - Sooners Will Make Return To ESPN's 'Big Monday' For First Time In Three Years

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The "worldwide leader" announced today their Big Monday college basketball television scheduled for the upcoming season. And as you've probably gathered by the headline, the Oklahoma Sooners are making their glorious (?) return to primetime basketball.

Oklahoma's game on January 21st against Texas (RRSO, b-ball style) will be broadcast as a part of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day doubleheader. The OU game will be preceded by a matchup between Oklahoma State and Baylor. You can see the full schedule of games here.

Frankly, a little surprised that one of the Bedlam games is not on the schedule as it typically has been in the past. Both OU and OSU are expected to be improved from last year, it's a rivalry and typically a pretty good game, plus it of course gives ESPN a convenient excuse to run the in no way totally played out intro graphic telling us what the definition of Bedlam means.

It's the end of July and I'm fully on board the bandwagon for this Oklahoma basketball season. Just sayin'.