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OU Football 2012 - More (Potentially) Discouraging News On Another Member Of 2012 Class?

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If you've lived in Oklahoma or frequented the Tulsa World for information on our beloved Sooners, chances are you are similar to myself and have a strong opinion on one Mr. Dave Sittler. Be that as it may, for someone who has been doing something for as long as he as it would be difficult to question the legitimacy of his sources.

So while this may sound like potentially bad news, in reality it's not much different than anything we've already heard. We've known for some time that Gardner was still "working on it" with respect to getting academically qualified. Likewise, it makes sense that OU would have "no idea" whether or not Gardner will make it seeing as it's not dependent on anything they have any control over.

If Gardner does what he and OU have known he needs to do since he committed, then it's simply up to the NCAA Clearinghouse. It's really that simple. All any of us can do now is wait.