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CCM Mailbag: Who The Heck Is Schwitzer?

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BYU quarterback Riley Nelson can't bear to look at the emails sent from his fanbase.  (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
BYU quarterback Riley Nelson can't bear to look at the emails sent from his fanbase. (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
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Its funny how you can post a story that is admittedly a "meaningless debate" and stir up so much anger among a few fanbases. However, that's exactly what I accomplished on Tuesday when I published my Top Ten Most Overrated Programs In College Football. Sure, programs like Auburn, Tennessee, Oregon and a few others on my list can make valid arguments as to why they shouldn't be included. In fact, the whole point of the post was to spark some debate along those lines.

I'm pretty sure that I upset certain fans from all ten teams on my list and honestly I'm alright with that. What I do find funny is that my inbox has been flooded by the two groups who clearly deserve to be on this list. Here's one of the only emails that I wouldn't have to edit, due to a limited vocabulary profanity, but it gives you a peek into the level of pure genius I've been dealing with this week. It comes from a guy named Will.

You forgot Oklahom man! And with regards to the BYU-Sooner deal. Scoreboard baby---scoreboard. It was good to have a sewer system named after Schwitzer though. W.

First of all, it does no good at all to try and disguise your name with a "W" when your full name appears along with your email address. I did decide not to embarrass your mother though by not publishing your last name.

Secondly, you pretty much disqualify yourself from intelligent football conversation when you can't properly spell O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A or Barry Switzer whom I assume you are talking about but don't really know for sure because I can't decipher the code in which you apparently wrote your email in.

Finally, lets address the "issue" that is brought up. BYU holds a 2-0 series advantage over Oklahoma with their most recent win coming at the start of the 2009 season. That applies to the conversation how? If you're trying to somehow relate that to OU needing to be on the list instead of BYU then I'll gladly refer to Oklahoma's 132-29 record since the 2000 season with seven conference championships and eight BCS bowl appearances during that span. Do you really want to compare that to the 98-53 record BYU has since 2000?

If beating Oklahoma were the criteria for not being on my list then Tennessee, UCLA, Oregon, Miami, BYU, Notre Dame and Texas A&M would all be exempt. That's certainly not the case but it isn't keeping the delusional fine folks over at TexAgs from bringing up one of the two times they've beaten OU in the last thirteen years. If it were me, I would have gone back to the four-game streak the Aggies had over OU from 1994-1998 but that's just me.

Anyway, Ken (pretty sure is was Beergut) sent me the link in a profanity laced email just to let me know what the A&M fans thought of me. It was an entertaining five minute read as I learned that I'm jealous because the Aggies are moving to the SEC while OU is stuck in the Big XII. Other reasons for jealousy were that A&M is now stealing OU recruits because of their move, Kevin Sumlin left OU for A&M (pretty sure he left Houston though) and Reggie McNeal.

What I didn't see though was any sense of reality. If A&M couldn't compete in the Big XII then there's no way their going to compete in the SEC. Or yes, as highly as we think of ourselves and the amount of hype our fanbase generates we've really under performed. Or the Big XII is now better off without us and Missouri because TCU and West Virginia and in. When you have to deflect the main point of the article with a bunch of nonsense like this and never really address the points made in the article then you can pretty much bank on the fact that you're on the losing side. Thanks for the page views though!

As always, I appreciate hearing from our readers. Shoot me an email if you'd like to discuss something in our CCM Mailbag. My address can be found by clicking on my name underneath the article title.