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Worst BCS Moments: Why Fans Won't Miss The System

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Every system, if run for a long enough period, is susceptible to flaws. The BCS was no different as it had run its course in the very first season in which it was installed. From computer rankings to the human polls there were times that the BCS got it right but there were others where it left the college football realm in utter chaos. Here are four moments that defined the BCS.

1) In the 2011 season, the heavy weight Alabama Crimson Tide took on a monster in the LSU Tigers. This was a game that was to change the landscape of BCS contenders as surely one would be sitting just outside while looking in. In "The Flop Game of the Century" LSU took a three point victory over Bama and continued to pull away from the rest of the field with their #1 ranking. This left room for the highly potent Oklahoma St. Cowboys to slip into the #2 ranking. All the Cowboys would need to do was win out to secure themselves a spot in the title game. As the story continue to unfold, Oklahoma St. would end up dropping a game on the road to the Iowa St. Cyclones after a tragedy struck the school. However, with both teams being a one loss program, most wanted to see one of the nation's top offenses go against one of the top defenses in a clash that was sure to wow fans. Instead, the BCS allowed yet another school who failed to win the conference into the BCS Championship for a rematch resulting in fans like myself tuning out.

2) The Cop-Out Bowl hosted at the Fiesta Bowl pitting the Boise St. Broncos against the TCU Horned Frogs in a rematch of the previous season's Poinsettia Bowl. Both teams were ranked inside the top six in the 2009 season yet both were in non-AQ conferences. So, what does the BCS do? It matches them up as two undefeated teams to avoid having a "big-boy" thumped by a non-automatic qualifying team. Instead, the nations "elite" would not have to face embarrassment to a "sub-par" team.

3) The Kansas St. Wildcats have never received a break from the BCS selection committees. But they should have known that in when at the conception of the BCS. In 1997, the Wildcats raced toward an undefeated regular season while earning the top ranking in the nation. In rout to the undefeated regular season, Kansas St. rolled over three top-20 teams. However, they would lose in the Big XII Championship to the Texas A&M Aggies (the only Big XII Championship the Ags won). Although, the Wildcats dropped to #3 nationally, all of the BCS Bowl would bypass them as they fell to the Alamo Bowl.

4) In 2008, the Big XII produced a solid crop of teams including the Texas Tech Red Raiders, Texas Longhorns, and of course, the Oklahoma Sooners. At the end of the regular season, these three teams ended in a three way tie at 11-1. The tiebreaker was none other than the BCS ranking which gave Oklahoma the edge over Texas. As the Sooners went on to thump the Missouri Tigers in the Big XII Championship, Longhorn fans chartered private planes to fly the Red River Rivalry score on banners over the game...the ultimate sign of class.