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OU Football 2012 - Sooners 2012 JUCO Recruit Now Unlikely To Qualify

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The guys at SoonerScoop broke the news yesterday, but out of respect for them (and now with their blessing) we wanted to let the news cycle, well . . . cycle, before posting the information.

Carey Murdock, of the aforementioned SoonerScoop, received some new information regarding junior college offensive tackle Will Latu. Based on what he was told, the situation with Latu has taken a turn for the worse and now the likelihood of him failing to qualify academically is much higher than was previously believed. According to what Murdock has been told, he hasn't been officially ruled out but at this point it almost seems inevitable. Reportedly, Latu's JUCO coach has been making calls to other schools to see if they can get him in somewhere else. Goes without saying this is bad news for both Oklahoma, but especially Latu who is now (potentially) scrambling to find a new school very late in the process.

For those unfamiliar with his recruitment, grades were a known concern with Latu from the very beginning. Both Auburn and Florida State, among others, chose to remove themselves after determining they would have considerable difficulty getting him on campus.

It's obviously disappointing any time a player you're excited about does not make it to campus. That said, many people believed that given his position and the fact that even if he did make it to campus, because it would be so late, the likelihood of him starting was very slim. There has even been some talk that the odds were not necessarily great of him playing this season, which for a JUCO guy wouldn't be unheard of (even a lot of JUCO guys struggle with the transition - see reports on Kass Everett for example) but that is certainly never the goal when you sign a JUCO guy in the first place.

Who knows what would have happened or how things would have eventually played out, but at a minimum Latu would have at least provided depth. And depth at a position where the Sooners aren't necessarily hurting at, but also don't exactly have a ton of experience either. This development very likely increases the need for massive offensive tackle Derek Farniok to be ready this year rather than having the luxury of one more season working on his game. Then, at tackle, you are basically looking at three guys: Lane Johnson, Daryl Williams, and Tyrus Thompson.

Pray for no injuries y'all.

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