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2012 Sooner Kickoff Spotlights Landry Jones - Now Available At Barnes & Noble


The 2012 Sooner Kickoff football preview continues its march across the web and has just been picked up by Barnes & Noble for their NOOK. If you own a NOOK this will be the best place to download the preview for a couple of reasons. First, Barnes & Noble are the masters of the NOOK. Secondly, B&N is offering a 15% discount on the preview if you download it from their site. Get the best format for your device and save money. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of that deal?

As for the preview itself, we have a spotlight feature on quarterback Landry Jones who made the cover of our magazine this year. Here's a sneak peek.


To download your copy of the 2012 Sooner Kickoff from Barnes & Noble use the link above or choose one of our other vendors listed on the left sidebar. You can also purchase a copy (in PDF format) directly from Crimson And Cream Machine buy using the "Buy It" button below.

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