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OU Softball Comes Up Just Short In Bid For A National Championship

It's tough not to feel disappointed when you are that close to achieving your ultimate goal. It's virtually impossible not to have a 'what if' feeling about that play in the top of the seventh that led to the second out and what could have been with that Lauren Chamberlain home run. The call, which at the time seemed atrocious, was confirmed to be the correct one by both the OU players and coach so no point in arguing that one.

Ultimately though, the Oklahoma Softball team came up just short in their bid for the program's second national championship. However to come away with a negative outlook on things would be a considerable disservice to both the OU players and coaching staff who just put together one heck of a season.

On a night where if just one of two things go Oklahoma's way they are probably still celebrating, unfortunately it was not to be. Credit to an incredibly gutty Alabama squad who simply refused to ever quit no matter the deficit they may have been facing. My personal feeling aside on how they and their fans conduct themselves, sincere respect for what they have accomplished this season and capturing that elusive national championship.

As down as you may feel after Wednesday night's loss, as tough as it might be to see, there is a silver lining. The Sooners will return virtually their entire team next year, so barring some kind of fluke they should probably just go ahead and make reservations for OKC in 2013.

Look, losing sucks. No way around it. No point in trying to sugar coat it. However, that doesn't mean we as Sooner Nation shouldn't still be proud of this team.

Congratulations to Alabama for winning the prize. And congratulations to this Oklahoma team on a terrific season.