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OU Football - Recapping The Sooners Tulsa Caravan Stop

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I have never been fortunate enough to attend one of those OU caravans, but from everything I've ever read they are incredibly cool. The coaches are known to be pretty open with information that they would typically not be in normal interview situations. I doubt it's something unique to the University of Oklahoma, but it's certainly something we fans (even though I've never been) greatly appreciate.

While unable to attend, these are open to the general public (kind of, you have to buy a ticket I believe) and that means the media can also attend. And with the social media world that we live in these days, you can essentially attend by proxy. Thank you Twitter!

So here are a collection of tweets from a couple of the OU media guys that were in attendance. Enjoy the offseason info!

Both basketball coaches spoke at the event as well.