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Former Sooner Kevin Bookout Scores Workout With NY Jets

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Kevin Bookout dunking on Amit at Athletes Performance (via KevinBookout)

In a bit of a twist, Kevin Bookout is continuing to make headlines. From 2002 when he was named the All-State Basketball Player of the Year to this news, surprises have come from every direction for this former Sooner Basketball standout. He continues to make his round in sports...who knows maybe one day he will land somewhere.

It was no secret that Bookout was a long shot for the NBA but that did not deter him from pursuing sports. Earlier this month, CCM took a look at his London Olympic Dream in another area in which he excelled, at the shot put. After his basketball career ended, Bookout began picking up where he left off from Stroud High School as he picked basketball over track and field.

This was a dream that came up just short at the Olympic Trials where Bookout finished 10th overall in the shot put. He needed to finish in the top three to qualify for a spot on the U.S. Olympic team. But, it doesn't end there for him and sports. Now, Bookout has been seen at a workout for the NFL New York Jets.

Bookout stands 6'8 and 320lbs (I would assume this puts him on the offensive line). What NFL scouts look for in OL is from 6'4 to 6'7 and in the 300-325lbs range with long arms. Well guess what? Bookout seems to fit that ideal size perfectly. Couple his size with the fact that his footwork should be fairly decent from the shot put as well as playing a post position in the NCAA Basketball Circuit and Bookout could find at home at the ripe age of 29. However, this is a sport that Kevin hasn't played since he was in 9th grade at Stroud.

Will the stars align while Bookout finds himself on an NFL roster? Possibly but only time will tell. Best of luck to Kevin and his endeavors as he has proved that he is a talented athlete in multiple areas.