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Missouri's Departure To SEC Leaves Another Voided Rivalry For Oklahoma Football

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There have been four teams leave the Big XII, for perceived greener pastures, over the past two years and next to Nebraska the departure of Missouri leaves the biggest sting on Oklahoma's football tradition. The rivalry with the Tigers was fun! Granted it was one that the Sooners dominated for the most part but every now and then Missouri would put together a strong run or pull off a major upset against OU.

In recent years it was Missouri's run to the big 12 championship game in 2007 and again in 2008 as well as their 36-27 upset of the top-ranked Sooners in 2010 that drew national attention back to the storied rivalry. When the Tigers bolt to the SEC next week they'll be taking a large portion of Oklahoma's football history with them.

The Sooners and Tigers first played football against each other in1902. Missouri won that game, in Columbia, 22-5. in fact, Oklahoma played Missouri five times from 1902 through 1913 and only won once (14-6 in 1911). In 1919 the Sooners joined the Missouri Valley Conference and played the Tigers for the very first time in a conference game. That game, played in Norman, ended in a 6-6 tie but set the stage for a rivalry that will provide some of the greater moments in Oklahoma football history.

In 1922 Oklahoma was able to sneak away with an 18-14 home win over the Tigers but would also fall 16-14 in another nail biter, this time in Columbia, in 1925. The two schools would turn around and play another close game in 1926 with Oklahoma coming out on top 10-7. At it's inception the rivalry was so tight that between 1902 and 1945 the longest winning streak for either side was the three games that Oklahoma won between 1933 and 1935.

The first time a ranked team played in the series was in1938 when Oklahoma was #10. The Sooners won that game 21-0 in Norman on their way to their first perfect regular-season finish. The first upset of a ranked team in the series happened the following year, in 1939, when #12 Missouri edged #5 Oklahoma 7-6 in Columbia.

following World War II the Oklahoma football program hit its stride and beginning in 1946 the Sooners ran off 14 consecutive wins over the Tigers. In fact, from 1946 to1963 Oklahoma 17 of the 18 meetings between the two schools essentially turning a tight rivalry into a lopsided affair. The Sooners also won 11 consecutive games from1970 to 1980,12 consecutive games from1984 to 1995 and ended the rivalry by winning eight of the last 10 games, including seven straight from 1999 to 2008.

Possibly the most storied game in this rivalry came in the 2007 Big XII championship game. Oklahoma had beaten the Tigers by score of 41-31 earlier in the season but would play Missouri again for the conference title, in San Antonio, with the Tigers also carrying the number one ranking in the nation. A dominating second-half performance would pave the way for the sooners to take home the conference crown by way of a 38 to 17 win.

Great Moments In The OU/Missouri Rivalry

1911 - Oklahoma wins against Missouri for the first time, 14-6.

1914 - Sooners defeat the Tigers for the first time in Norman, 13-0.

1946 - Oklahoma begins fourteen year winning streak over Missouri.

1972 - A stingy Oklahoma defense only allows 97 total yards in 17-6 win.

1974 - Sooner offense racks up 571 yards in 37-0 win.

1975 - Oklahoma fends off a furious fourth-quarter rally by the Tigers, in which Missouri scored 20 points, to hang onto a 28-27 win. The victory helped keep Oklahoma's record perfect which allowed them to win their second consecutive national title.

1985 - The Sooner offense averaged 6.1 yards per play while the defense forced six Missouri turnovers in route to a 51-6 victory.

1986 - Long before the Texas A&M massacre of 2003 the Sooners down to the Tigers 77-0 by racking up 750 yards of total offense and averaging 10.1 yards per play.

1995 - Oklahoma rallied for a late fourth-quarter score to steal a game in Columbia 13-9.

1999 - Bob Stoops makes his first impression on the Oklahoma/Missouri series with a 37-0 win in Norman.

2002 - Who can ever forget this...

2007 - Oklahoma defeats Missouri 38-17 in Big XII championship game.

2008 - Oklahoma dominates Missouri 62-21 in Big XII championship game.

2011 - Sooners win final game of series 38-28.

The Oklahoma/Missouri rivalry ends with the Sooners holding a 67-24-5 record over the Tigers. Of Missouri's 24 wins, 16 of them came before 1946. Oklahoma dominated the rivalry but the games were closer than most people realize. The Sooners won by an average score of 23-12 with a high score of 77 points scored in 1986.