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College Presidents Officially Adopt Four Team College Football Playoff - R.I.P. BCS

We suspected it was coming, but the news Tuesday evening that the college football presidential oversight committee had approved the four team playoff play presented to them signaled a change the first of its kind in the history of the sport. There are still plenty of details to be worked out, but this is the big first step that so many had been calling for quite loudly for many years.

What we do know is (1) this will be a 12 year agreement starting in the 2014 season, (2) the semifinals will rotate between six bowls which are yet to be determined, (3) the participants will, in at least some way, be decided on by a selection committee, and (4) the championship game will go to the (city) highest bidder.

Like we said, still plenty of details yet to be sorted. Just to name a few: which six bowls will be selected, what kind of money are we talking about, how will said money be distributed, who will be on this selection committee.

The hope (obviously) is that this proves to be an actual improvement and not just some sham of an altered BCS 2.0. Just calling it a playoff doesn't magically cure all the ills we've all complained about in the past. However this current proposal shakes out, it isn't going to be perfect or satisfy everyone. So as long as you go into things with that front of mind, hopefully this proves to be a happy compromise.