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2012 Sooner Kickoff Preview Is Coming!

The 2012 Sooner Kickoff Will Be Available Very Soon!
The 2012 Sooner Kickoff Will Be Available Very Soon!

Many of you purchased our 2011 Sooner Kickoff, distributed through another publisher, and we greatly appreciated it. In our attempt to gather feedback on the magazine we learned two things from our readers. First, the cost was too great. It was a fantastic magazine stocked full of photos on high gloss pages but at the end of the day it was the info you were after and that came at a cost higher than just about any other magazine on the rack. The second thing we learned was that it was too difficult to locate. If you lived in the OKC Metro area it was just about everywhere but the farther you branched out from central Oklahoma the sparser it became.

To address these issues we've made two significant changes in the preview. We've drastically lowered the price and we made it as an eBook so that it can literally be purchased worldwide. Because of the eBook format, the photos are gone this year but the information you are looking for is there and in abundance. All twelve teams on Oklahoma's schedule are previewed, as well as our all-conference selections, the best and worst non-conference games are all broken down. We have special features on Landry Jones, Mike Stoops and the Cali-Trio as well as a special look at the impact TCU and West Virginia will have as they replace Missouri and Texas A&M.

Look for more info on how to get your copy in the coming days!