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Oklahoma Football: Landry Jones' Stache vs. Kenny Stills Hawk

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College football has been dominated by superstitions, some more recognizable than others. It is no secret that many players are superstitious across all sports. From rally caps to special gloves, from garb to pre-game rituals, each athlete has something that is unique to them. This is something that is not unique to Oklahoma, but Oklahoma has had its fair share of unique characters. For the past two seasons, the Sooners have had just that. In light of all the polls, I figured I wouldn't be left out. So here is the latest in a long line of what has already come.

Landry Jones' mustache has been up for debate for some time now. There has been no middle ground when it comes to the issue, fans either love it or hate it. Over the past few seasons we have seen the ups and downs of Jones' career. It has earned him the name "Happy Feet" and rightfully so as it is a major part of his game he can work. But, if the mustache is something for Jones to hang his hat on, there would be no complaints. To see Jones increasingly play better or up to fan standards means having to watch him wear a mustache, then we as fans are all for it.

On the other side is Kenny Stills. He too has experienced ups and downs in his career at Oklahoma. Stills was expected to be a number one receiver after Ryan Broyles injury. However, what took place was in near disappearance of Stills. Kenny is still regarded as a highly talented receiver yet has shown that he has some work to do. But, he is widely recognized for his frosted Mohawk. It is something out of the ordinary that allows fans to pick him out of a crowd as it definitely stands out. While this one may not be as much of a superstition or good luck charm as Jones' mustache, they can certainly qualify as one. If this Mohawk is the mojo that stills needs to get going then by all means let it flow!

Disclaimer: I know many will want to factor in the position of each player as well as the role on the team. But, I want to look at this in a goofy type manner. With that said, let's look at this from the standpoint of if we'd like every player on the team to sport one.

So, I pose the question to you. If you could only choose one (or were forced to choose one) which would be; Landry Jones' mustache or Kenny Stills' Mohawk? If you'd like, you can even tell us why you chose what you chose. And remember have fun with this one!