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Texas Tech REALLY Doesn't Want To Play On The Longhorn Network

According to a report from, Texas Tech is apparently considering whether or not to cancel their game against Texas State and playing an eleven game schedule rather than agreeing to have the game broadcast on the Longhorn Network.

I mean, just wow.

Again, according to the report, ESPN announced earlier this month that the game would be carried on of their networks but they did not specify which one. Evidently Tech officials recently found out that ESPN was planning to show the game on the Longhorn Network and are obviously not happy with the decision according to what Red Raider Sports has learned.

While Tech would face a significant buyout if it canceled the game, there is no NCAA rule mandating that teams play 12 games a season.

As an OU fan, you can't help but love this. The Longhorn Network failing would be absolutely priceless and major, major props to Tech for having the, ahem, nerve to take a stand against it.