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Hoop Standout Stevie Clark Remains 2013 Recruit

Earlier this year, hoop standout, Stevie Clark found out that he would be losing his high school basketball coach to another school. While Clark had enough credits to graduate early from Douglass High School in Oklahoma City, he had a decision to make...return for a senior season or leave early. It came down to a handful of factors and a decision has finally been reached.

Stevie Clark will return for his senior season at Douglass. If you have yet to see this kid in action, his season can be followed "Nothing But Net' being put on by MTV2. He is currently a top 100 recruit and as we all know, the first thing recruiters look at is grades. It speaks volumes of Clark to know that he received an offer from Harvard after coming off a Most Outstanding Player award at the Top 100 Camp.

For Oklahoma, it is a sigh of relief to know that they are still in the running at this point. As pointed out earlier this year, the Sooners had no available scholarships to dish out to Clark which meant the recruiting would have shifted to Jordan Woodard, another Oklahoma City area product.

This is a story that will continue to develop as we get closer and closer to signing day. A handful of powerhouse schools are in on him including UCONN. Where he lands, nobody knows but I hope his momma convinces him to stay close to home!