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OU Football 2012 - Some Ridiculously Early Betting Lines

DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 8:   Is Oklahoma 5.5 points better than Texas on June 11th?  (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 8: Is Oklahoma 5.5 points better than Texas on June 11th? (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
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Courtesy of the Golden Nugget and via, it's the annual tradition of the ridiculously early betting lines for games that won't be played for months. That said, we're in the midst of the doldrums known as the offseason and if nothing else, these make for interesting conversation fodder.

The fact that Oklahoma is favored in every game on their schedule that was released may or may not surprise you, but the point spreads themselves may provide an eye brow raise or two.

Kansas State vs. Oklahoma (-14.5)- This one seems pretty high to me. It's early in the season, but OU will be coming off a bye week. I don't know, you really want to lay 2+ touchdowns against Merlin, er. Snyder?

Texas vs. Oklahoma (-5.5) - I can already see Texas fans sprinting to the betting windows in Vegas. As high as they are on their team this year, in my opinion they're jumping all over five and a half points for as long as they can get them.

Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma (-11)- Really hard to say how right or wrong this one might be until we can get some sense of what ND is going to have at QB. Could be too low or it could be three or four points too high. It's in Norman, so unless the Domers come out blazing or OU implodes it's hard to see this getting under a touchdown.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma (-17)- Can you say revenge game? The OU coaches will never admit it, but you'd be a fool to think after getting embarrassed (at least on defense) last year in Waco they won't have something to prove in this game. It will, and always is, more from a player's perspective but this one could get ugly for the Bears.

Oklahoma (-4) at West Virginia- I would say I'm surprised that OU is the favorite here, but I'm also not going out on any ledge in telling you this will move potentially considerably before November 17th.

Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma (-8)- Ok, Baylor isn't a revenge game. Bedlam is a freaking revenge game. I can't speak for all of you, but if the number next to the 'OU' on the scoreboard starts with any number less than a six I'll be very disappointed (Bring it OSU trolls! It's June, you think I'm not gonna be uber-confident?)

Oklahoma (-9.5) at TCU- Aside from the K-State line, this is the other one that seems too high for me. We'll have to see how much the losses for TCU affects their season, but as it stands today I would not lay that number against a Gary Patterson defense, at home.

Well, that's it. They didn't release OU's entire schedule, but it's pretty safe to assume they'll be a favorite against UTEP, Florida A&M, Texas Tech, Kansas, and Iowa State (though, in Ames, won't be any picnic IMO).