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OU Football 2012 - Which First Year Player Are You Most Looking Forward To Seeing?

Oklahoma signed a Top 10 recruiting class this past February and among the incoming players are several who could see time this coming season. Whether they are players coming from the high school level or those coming from the JUCO ranks, the Sooners expect contributions from both. So in an effort to try and help pass the time during the doldrums of the offseason, we figured we would get your input on which of the first year players you are the most excited about seeing once everyone arrives on campus.

For me, there are so many candidates for the guy I'm most excited about I'm simply not going to be able to narrow it down to one. But I will limit myself to two mainly so I can leave some others for the rest of you to talk about. Before I get into my two guys, if you need a reminder you can find a list of all the players from this incoming 2012 class here.

RB Damien Williams (VIDEO)

I've made no secret of the fact I believe Williams could be a star at running back for the Sooners. I'm rooting as hard as anyone that Dominique Whaley makes a full recovery, but even when he does there should still be plenty of opportunity for Williams to make an impact. Williams has size (6'1" 215 lbs) as well as break away speed to bust the long run once he gets into the open field. He can catch the ball out of the backfield and could really break out behind an experienced returning Oklahoma offensive line. In my mind, he could be a bigger back that arrives on campus as the player we all hoped now former Sooner Brandon Williams would develop into. If he's as good as I think he can be, we might only have him for one year.

WR Durron Neal

Neal is a guy who just looks like a special talent on film and he can do so many different things from different positions all over the field he's a player who could be impossible to keep off the field. Whether he's on the outside as a receiver, in the slot, running with the ball, or in the return game he's displayed the ability to excel in all of them. He's a guy that will destroy opposing defenses when he gets into the open field. He losing nothing in terms of speed or acceleration getting in and out of his cuts. I also think he's a good enough route runner, something most true freshman really struggle with, that he can prove to the coaches this summer he's ready to play as a true freshman.

Like I said, I could easily go on but I'm going to force myself to stop. So don't make me regret it, get in on those comments people!