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Sooner Baseball Possesses Talent To Run Deep

It would seem that the pre-season rankings were right as of late. The Oklahoma Sooners began their season ranked #14 in the nation. Coach Sunny Golloway has believed they had the talent all season long but hit a rough patch and he very well could be right. Yet, there was more than just a single rough patch as the season trudged along. We can all be thankful that these rough patches came during the regular season and things seem to be smoothing over heading into the post-season. But, was this team ever as bad as we once suspected?

I would venture to say no...not anymore at least. A quick look at the regular season reveals 10 games that were lost by a single run. Sure, some of those came in extra innings and others were giving up the lead. However, common saying still holds that "championship caliber teams find a way to win while others find ways to lose them."

But regardless of what happened throughout the regular season, the ups and downs, Oklahoma has emerged as a team no one wants to face right now! Backed by hurlers Jordan John, Dillon Overton, and Jonathan Gray, the Sooners have found their stride, and just in time. Don't count just on the starters though. Steven Okert as well as Jake Fisher have come on strong with solid outings in relief. Depth is going to be key in the NCAA Tourney and the Sooners appear to have it.

A once concern and weakness has now become a reliable resource.

On the offensive side of things, clutch hitting become the M.O. of this squad in the post season. If that comes under question, simply refer back to the three game streak of walk-off hits. They will be taking this momentum into regional play as OU locked up a two seed in the Charlottesville, VA Regional.

All cylinders are firing and the team is clicking. They could be a force to recon with. Oklahoma is coming off three games of solid work and will need to replicate the effort if they hope to move on. Runs will have more of a manufactured feel though as the Sooners hope to pull out three wins.