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NCAA Baseball - Projections For The Field Of 64

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UPDATE: Well, it turns out neither projection was correct. The Sooners are headed to Charlottesville and are the #2 seed with host team Virginia. The other teams in the regional are Appalachian State and Army. OU will open with Appalachian State on Friday (time TBD).

We'll find out later this afternoon (11 am CST on ESPNU to be exact) for sure which regional site the Oklahoma Sooners will be traveling to, but for now we're going to check out two of the better known projections for the field of sixty four.

Baseball America and Perfect Game are very reputable NCAA Baseball sites and both have put out their projections for the expected field of sixty four. So without further adieu.

The good news for the Sooners is that both have OU as a two seed after that been some talk that even after their impressive Big 12 Tournament run a three seed was still possible. Admittedly, the difference between a two and three is probably very little but if there was no advantage (outside of hosting of course) then they wouldn't seed them to begin with.

Much like in real estate, the most important detail is location, location, location. Perfect Game has the Sooners traveling to the Raleigh Regional where North Carolina State would be hosting while Baseball America has OU heading to the much preferable Houston Regional where the Rice Owls would be the host team. I say preferable because Houston is close enough and already hosts a decent contingent of OU fans that the Sooners could be pretty well represented from a fan support point of view.

That said, I don't really know enough about N.C. State to say whether they or Rice would be the better matchup for Oklahoma in terms of advancing, but based on how both sites have the respective regionals set up it could be good for our Sooners.

As we said, Perfect Game has Oklahoma in Raleigh with N.C. State, UAB, and UNC Wilmington. Baseball America has OU in Houston with Rice, Sam Houston State, and Prairie View A&M.

In other Big 12 related news with respect to these projections. Both sites have the Big 12 with a projected four teams in the field. Evidently the mystery was solved as to whether there are automatic bids as both sites include Missouri in their projections (learn something new everyday, right?). What's really interesting is that both do not include Texas in their projections with Baseball America specifically saying Mizzou winning the Big 12 Tournament being the reason the Horns were bumped out. I'm certainly not happy about losing to Missouri Sunday in the championship game, but I'd be lying if I said at least a little bit of the sting will be removed if it means keeping Texas out of the NCAA Tournament.