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Coach Kruger's Efforts Pay Off For Oklahoma Sooner Basketball

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It is no secret that fan support was severely lacking in the 2011-2012 season of what has become Oklahoma Sooner Basketball. While the team performed well early on, the fan base never reciprocated by attending games. Ploys have been thrown out there as an attempt to bring in students. Free food always does the trick with college kids but is unable to hold the crowd once the food disappears. There is some good news heading into the 2012-2013 season that could make this Sooner team proud to put on the jersey and represent a university with much thanks going to none other than Kruger himself.

Kruger has made a constant push to get his face out into the public and more specifically, to be interacting with the student population. From free hand outs to interviews, Kruger has yet to shy from a way to build fan support. Hype is building as the recruiting scene picks up and the Sooners continue to land better talent.

However, nothing could outweigh the lastest advertisement to get fans into Llyod Noble...bundling student season tickets for football and basketball for the low price of $199 (regularly tickets cost $175). Not only does this include all home games but it also includes a t-shirt as well as access to a football practice and a basketball practice. This is a deal I would be itching to act upon but alas I am not a student!

So far it has worked out for the better. Out of the 4,807 football tickets that have been sold, 1,045 have fallen under the combo package deal. This means that there will be approximately 1,000 more season ticket holders for basketball than there were last year.

It does not need to be said but, Kruger, your efforts are paying off!

*ticket sale numbers come from The OUDaily