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Most Valuable Player In Big XII Heading Into Fall: Landry Jones?

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There seems to be an unrest about Landry Jones within the Oklahoma Sooners' fan base. One minute, fans seems to love him and the next, they are ready to crucify him and start Blake Bell. While each view has made their case, would they choose to label Jones as the most valuable player in the Big XII heading into the 2012 season? There are a few big names to choose from and Jones could fall down the list before the season starts, but I've got him at the top of the list right now.

Earlier this month, I published an article on Big XII Football Players To Watch simply outlining a few names that could have breakout type seasons or even record setting seasons in the conference. Among them were names across the Big XII, however, I intentionally left out players from the Sooners squad as we had been familiarized with them time and time again.

This go around, I am weighing who will be the most valuable players come this fall. Each team has completed their short stint of spring practices and has a good idea of where they stand at each position. But, none are going to be looking toward a single player more than Sooners for their continued success.

There is no player more valuable than the Oklahoma Sooners' Landry Jones! Why? With other names out there such as Geno Smith and Collin Klein, you still picked Landry? Absolutely and for these two short reasons.

First off, Landry is returning as a fifth year senior. His command of the offense will exceed that of opposing quarterbacks as he leads this team on and off the field. But it doesn't stop there. He will be a coach on the field not only in the traditional sense but also emotionally as his receiving options have been depleted. Experience is key for Jones this season and being a four year starter puts him a head above the rest.

Second, Landry is checking in as the Big XII's leading returning passer. He has faced the opposing defenses numerous times both at home and on the road. Look for him to continue to have success through the air, and yes I'm saying it now, Jones will lead the Big XII is passing yards this season.