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College Football Guru, Phil Steele, Releases Preseason All-Big 12 Team

Is Jamarkus McFarland a Big 12 first team player in 2012?.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Is Jamarkus McFarland a Big 12 first team player in 2012?. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Perusing through Phil Steele's annual college football preview is always a fun way to kill some time and in the build up to its release, Steele frequently releases some information through his website. Wednesday, Steele released his preseason All-Big 12 teams and as you might expect the Sooners were well represented. You can check out the entire lineup here and I'd encourage you to do so in order to advance the conversation past just which OU guys did or did not make it.

For those unfamiliar, Steele provides a first through fourth team on offense, defense, and special teams. So there is no shortage of spots and thus plenty for us to talk about.

Oklahoma had seven first team players, no other team had more than four. The Sooners on Steele's first team were Landry Jones (QB), Kenny Stills (WR), Ben Habern (C), Gabe Ikard (G), Jamarkus McFarland (DT), Tom Wort (LB), and Tony Jefferson (S).

With respect to the first teamers. I suppose there is an argument for WVU's Geno Smith for the first team nod over Landry, but I doubt this will be the last preseason All-Big 12 team where that isn't the case. In my opinion, McFarland on the first team is a pretty big leap. At least with respect to what we've seen from him thus far. I'm all in favor of him playing to caliber of a first teamer, but I'm going to have to see it to believe it. Other than that, feel like the rest are all more than fair.

One caveat though, Demontre Hurst on the first team is an absolute crime.

Sooners on the second team - Dominique Whaley (RB), Tyler Evans (G), Casey Walker (DT), Corey Nelson (LB), Demontre Hurst (CB), Michael Hunnicutt (K), and Tress Way (P).

Sooners on the third team - Jaz Reynolds (WR) (whoops) and Trey Metoyer (WR).

Sooners on the fourth team - Lane Johnson (T), David King (DE), Aaron Colvin (CB), and Javon Harris (S).

Again, Colvin on the fourth team is a joke.

Where did he get it right? Where did he get it wrong? It's the offseason, let's talk some college football!