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Oklahoma's Message To Suspended Wide Re-Divas


Once again, in case we haven't harped on it enough, we are forced to revisit an incident which has occurred in the past yet still has future implications. In December, the Sooners saw what some would the beginning of a movement of attrition. The coaching staff, specifically Bob Stoops, has decided that after the disappointing 2011 season, it was time to crack down. Now, just five months later we, being Oklahoma, have found ourselves in a bit of a pinch. But, what message is the coaching staff sending?

With the loss of Ryan Broyles to an injury, it was time for some of the unproven talent to step up and leave a mark. To tell you what you already know, Kenny Stills was expected to be the number one target while Jaz Reynolds stepped up from out of the dog house to making some of the better plays of the season. Trey Franks speed was looked toward to become another option and was utilized on the reverse.

This was going to be the core for next season. In an instant all of that changed as it was announced that Franks, Reynolds, and Kameel Jackson had been suspended for violating team rules. Not to get into specifics, but we now know that Jackson will not be transferring out and his incident is separate from the others. Now, the Sooners are left with 1.5 receivers in Stills and Trey Metoyer.

why 1.5 though? Considering that Stills is the only returning player with any catches on a D-1 level, he gets the one all by himself. Metoyer gets the .5 due to the fact that he looks D-1 ready. However, what we saw in the spring has not always made the transition into the fall.

With all of the current ongoings, one thing has remained blatantly obvious...the staff and program is moving on without these three players! There is no message that could be any stronger than this to Jackson, Reynolds, and Franks.

Currently, Oklahoma has been seeking out receivers to bring into the program who can make a significant impact. They had already landed the top receiving class in the nation but it has not proven to be enough. In addition to Durron Neal, Sterling Shepard, and Derrick Woods the Sooners have now brought in JUCO transfer Courtney Gardner (assuming that he makes it) and former Fresno St. receiver Jalen Saunders.

Add to these the most recent pickup in LaColtan Bester and Oklahoma now has the perfect storm. While all this says, "yes, we are moving on" it also gave rise to Bester being a safety net just in case Gardner doesn't make it. Not only did it give birth to this mode of thinking it also makes fans speculate if, due to former issues, Reynolds and Franks will be accepted back into the family. While I do not think this is the case with Bester, it now puts OU at six, yes six, incoming receivers and five for 2012.

Normally the mindset at Oklahoma has been one of having to prove yourself worthy of playing time over some of the veterans. This year is setting up to take on a new mindset of proving that you are not worthy of playing time as I assume everyone will get a shot.