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Big XII Baseball Tournament Will Feature Bedlam In Opening Round

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It almost worked out for the Sooners. They put up 13 runs on 15 hits in Saturday's finale to take the series two games to one. The general thought was that winning the series was enough to land the Sooners in the NCAA Tournament but it sure wouldn't hurt for them to make some noise in the Big XII Tournament as well.

Oklahoma State squandered their lead in the ninth inning, allowing Texas A&M to complete a weekend sweep and moving OU to the fourth seed. The Sooners almost had the third seed but the Texas Longhorns avoided getting swept by Baylor with a 2-1 win on Saturday. All that said, the Sooners will play Oklahoma State in their opener of the tournament.

Checkout how the bracket shakes out after the jump.

2012 Big XII Baseball Tournament


(Bracket courtesy of Big 12 Sports)