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Blake Griffin Gives Lakers A Rude Awakening

Blake Griffin Soars Over Pau for the Putback (via NBA)

To keep all things Oklahoma Sooners going as well as keeping the Blake Griffin high soaring jams highlights coming, here is another few to add to the list we have already started at CCM.

Former Sooner great and now L.A. Clipper Blake Griffin sends a wake up call to the L.A. Lakers' Pau Gasol. However, you would have though that Gasol learned his lesson the first time around while looking out for UFOs coming in behind him. No, that could not be further from the truth as Gasol challenges Griffin later in the game while rotating in defense to pick up the wide open Griffin.

Blake Posterizes Pau (via NBA)

When a train comes rolling into town...get out of the way! Not only did Pau Gasol get a surprise, he also was flat out embarrassed by Griffin in the second round of the bout. European post players, here is what we manufacture in the U.S.