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Oklahoma's Ryan Broyles To Hold Personal Pro-Day On April 12th

Not a single fan will forget the impact that Ryan Broyles, a local product, had on the Oklahoma Football Program. However, his career on the collegiate level was ended a bit short with an injury that sidelined him during his senior season. This of course happened after Broyles inquired about his draft grade and received a late second-round reply swaying his decision to return.

While Ryan was unable to participate in many of the activities at the February Combine, he was able to show off some muscle in the bench press. Broyles measured in at 5'10 192 pounds while bench pressing 225lbs 21 times. He also received an invite to Indianapolis for a post-Combine recheck.

Currently Broyles is projected as the 26th best WR option and will be taken in the sixth round with that rating. But, things could be on the up and up. If Broyles is able to show significant improvement on April 12th, his draft stock could increase dramatically. All evaluators are leery of a player coming off a major injury and this one is no different.

A mere two weeks after the injury, Broyles began to push his rehab process and was way ahead of schedule not long down the road. He remains ahead of schedule as this date marks 5 months post injury. The assumed amount of time need for recovery for an ACL is a minimum of 8 months. Now he has this to say of himself:

"I really expect to be as good as ever at some point," Broyles said. "Everything has gone well. I have worked hard and in some ways I am in the best shape of my life. I'll keep doing my best and the rest will take care of itself." - CBS Sports

Broyles has show a great attitude and outlook on everything up to this point. He will have a great career in the NFL regardless of what round his name comes off the board at. Represent Sooner Nation well Ryan!