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Trey Metoyer, The Best Freshman On Oklahoma's Offense Since...

Trey Metoyer (#17) was better than advertised this spring.  (Photo credited to
Trey Metoyer (#17) was better than advertised this spring. (Photo credited to

I know it was just a spring game. Yes, I also realize that the spring game is nothing more than a glorified scrimmage. However, that doesn't at all diminish the accomplishments of Oklahoma's freshman receiver Trey Metoyer this spring.

Freshman football players coming into Norman with loads of hype surrounding them is nothing new to OU football. The Sooners are typically in on some of the best high school talent in the nation and land highly touted prospects with regularity. That doesn't mean that they all pan out though and it certainly doesn't mean that they all live up to the hype surrounding their arrival on campus.

When you have a player who actually lives up that hype during his freshman campaign then you know you've got a good one. When you have a guy who exceeds said hype then you've got yourself a great one. The later is the category that we need to place Metoyer in.

Metoyer certainly came with a lot of hype (and anticipation) which honestly sets him up to be over scrutinized by every skeptic out there. However, its difficult to scrutinize a kid who never drops a ball which is exactly what Metoyer didn't do. He finished his first spring at Oklahoma without dropping a single pass in a competitive situation, including six receptions in the Red/White game for 72 yards.

"He just has got incredible hands and the ability to make play," Bob Stoops said following the spring game. "He has a knack for adjusting to the football; just all the things you saw today. He can run. He really relishes the moment. He is a competitor for a young guy. He is a player. He just has a natural feel for it, on spacing and how to make plays and get to the ball. All of those things."

It wasn't just Bob Stoops singing Metoyer's praises following an outstanding spring performance. Offensive coordinator Josh Heupel, defensive coordinator Mike Stoops, quarterbacks Drew Allen and Landry Jones, defensive backs Tony Jefferson and Demontre Hurst all had something positive to say about Metoyer following his fourteen spring practices.

"It felt good," Metoyer said of his first experience in Oklahoma's spring affair. "That was my main worry, I guess you could say, me coming up here and performing the way I was supposed to. But if you're a player then you're going to play so I just think of it like that when I might get worried."

Now he has the summer to bulk up a bit and get ready to make his official football debut this fall. Stoops has had some tremendous success with freshmen during his tenure. Current stars Tony Jefferson and Trey Millard are recent examples of players who made an impact as freshmen. You get the sense that Metoyer is going to be different though.

Oklahoma fans are going to see something special this fall in Trey Metoyer. They just might see the best fresman performance at OU since...dare i say it...2004 when Adrian Peterson took the field.