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OU Football Recruiting - Sooners Finally Offer One Of State's Top Players

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Calling the University of Oklahoma scholarship offer received today by Tulsa East Central's Stanvon Taylor "long awaited" would be a bit of an exaggeration, but the fact that it has finally been extended has to be an exciting moment for the talented Tulsa star. According to multiple reports Monday afternoon, Taylor confirmed he had finally received that coveted OU offer.

Taylor (VIDEO) is considered to be one in the top two or three players within the state of Oklahoma even after suffering a serious injury during his junior season. Taylor is being looked at on both sides of the ball (he plays wide receiver and defensive back for his high school team) by several schools, but Okahoma is believed to prefer him at cornerback.

It was believed that the OU coaches had withheld their offer so they might have an extended period to evaluate Taylor, but as time passed the East Central standout accumulated multiple offers as interest in him continued to pick up. Taylor currently holds offers from Arizona State, Arkansas, Houston, Indiana, Texas Tech, and Tulsa among others.

Whether it was the growing interest from other schools or the OU coaches finally seeing what they needed to, the offer has been extended and many who follow the Sooners recruiting believe it's just a matter of time before Taylor commits.

We'll see when and/or if that does in fact happen, but for now congratulations to the young man for receiving the offer he so clearly wanted.