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Kellen Jones Disappearance From Oklahoma And Resurfacing At Clemson?

The depth at linebacker has been a bit of a concern heading into spring ball. The departure of Senior and Leader/Anchor of this defensive unit, Travis Lewis, means that someone is going to have to step up. Couple that with the fact that there is a lot of young talent still waiting to prove itself and Oklahoma could be brewing up a perfect storm. Just as spring practices were about to start, another linebacker vanished into thin air.

This time it was Kellen Jones. Now if you remember correctly, Jones originally signed with the Michigan Wolverines. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, he was prompted by something inside to leave the program. Instead, Jones chose to join a solid and favorite Oklahoma Sooners squad late last summer. During his first season, he recorded 10 tackles in 12 games as a freshman and looked to be jockeying for a more significant role in the upcoming season.

As history will tell us, Brent Venables' departure probably took a toll on this kid. Relationships are a key factor and when one of those relational buildings comes tumbling down, it can rock a kid's world. Away from home and searching for a sense of familiarity, it just wasn't there for Kellen Jones.

"Once I got my release," Jones told, "I immediately sent it to Clemson."

Kellen Jones is once again shopping himself out to a couple of programs and made visits these past few weekends. His first stop on the tour was with the Purdue Boilermakers two weekends ago with the other being the Clemson Tigers just this past weekend. Jones has said that he will choose between Purdue and Clemson but you would have to give Clemson the edge because of Brent Venables being there.

Regardless of where this kid chooses to go, he will have landed at his third school in two years. There is no telling exactly what Jones is searching for, but I hope he finds it! Best of luck in your future endeavors Kellen.