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Sooners 2012 Signee, TE Laith Harlow, To Take Medical Hardship

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"The pain never really went away. I tried to fight through it, but it never left," Laith Harlow said. "My doctors kept telling me that it would eventually go away, but it didn't.

"There are mornings where it's hard for me to stand up. It has been real frustrating." - ESPN

That kind of pain is just not something a high school senior should be having to deal with and as an unfortunate result, 2012 Sooners signee Laith Harlow will take a medical hardship and forego a football career at the University of Oklahoma.

The talk originally started following signing day back in February, but at the time Harlow was adamant that he could come back from the injury he suffered in his final year of high school. Sadly for the talented young tight end it simply wasn't possible at this time and today he was forced to deal with the reality of the situation.

It should come as no surprise that Coach Stoops and OU are honoring Harlow's scholarship, which with the medical hardship will allow Harlow to continue his education though he will not count against the NCAA's 85 man scholarship limit. It's pretty clear based on the following quotes that Harlow is excited about the opportunity to still come to OU and despite not playing football remain a part of Sooner Nation.

"It was my dream to play at Oklahoma, and I did everything I could," Harlow said. "I want those great OU fans to know I never gave up hope. I kept trying, but I have to listen to the doctors.

"As bad as I feel right now, I can't just give up on everything. I still have a lot of things that other kids will never have."

"Coach Stoops is a great guy and so is coach Kittle. I cannot thank those guys enough for everything," Harlow said. "I'm so happy that I can still go to the school. I don't want to leave the OU family."

"Today I lost something. I lost a big part of my life, but I will find an opening," Harlow said. "I don't know what that opening is at this point in my life, but I'll be OK." - ESPN

You have to love his attitude. Sooner Nation is lucky to have you Laith!