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Oklahoma's Metoyer Leads Receivers In Spring Game


Oklahoma's receiving corps didn't necessarily end the regular season on a solid note. In fact, you could make the argument that when the Sooners lost Ryan Broyles against Texas A&M they also lost their passing game. Hoping to make a fresh start and a solid impression in Oklahoma's annual spring game it was freshman Trey Metoyer who had fans and coaches buzzing about OU's receivers.

"He just has got incredible hands and the ability to make plays. He has a knack for adjusting to the football; just all the things you saw today. He can run. He really relishes the moment. He is a competitor for a young guy. He is a player. He just has a natural feel for it, on spacing and how to make plays and get to the ball. All of those things." - Bob Stoops on Trey Metoyer

Kenny Stills, who looks to be the leader of the receiving corps, finished with just two catches for twenty yards. His play will be more remembered for what could have been opposed to what actually was because of some untimely drops. Stills had more than a couple of passes slip through his hands throughout the game but the most notable one came in the third quarter when he dropped what would have been a sure touchdown pass from Drew Allen while he was streaking down the sideline.

"Trey is a great player. He's got a chance to be as special as advertised. I just love the way the guy goes out and he just works every day. He's a very complete player for being so young. That's what's so encouraging about Trey; he has so many strong attributes about his game that you really admire for a young player. It's refreshing to see a guy come in and he's just kind of a no-nonsense guy that enjoys the game and you can tell he has a great passion for what he does. He's going to be very good at it. He's a guy that we really needed to come in and be a player for us and he certainly will be, that's for sure." - Mike Stoops on Trey Metoyer

Jaz Reynolds returned to the field for the first time since suffering a sever kidney injury during the Bedlam game. He was a part of the most exciting play of the game when he hauled in a 60-yard touchdown pass from a scrambling Blake Bell. He was limited to just one other catch for the game but he certainly left a lasting impression.

"He's a playmaker. We've seen it all spring and I knew he was going to come out here and perform. He's a great weapon for our receivers and I'm excited for what he's going to bring to our team." - Safety Tony Jefferson on Trey Metoyer

Trey Franks showed glimpses of his break away speed while tying for a team high six receptions for 54 yards. He too struggled with a few drops as well as having some footing issues when running in open field. In all, there were thirteen players who caught passes in the spring game but when it was all said and done there was just one specific receiver that everyone was wanting to talk about.

"He is a little different than some of the other guys that we have. He has a lot of physicality to him and he plays he plays really strong to the catch. When it is tight coverage you can kind of put it out there for him and he is going to go up and kind of make a jump ball out of it." - Landry Jones on Trey Metoyer

Trey Metoyer may be the most anticipated recruit in Bob Stoops' tenure. Throughout the spring we've heard reports that he was establishing himself as an impact player and Saturday's spring game served to prove that all of those reports were absolutely true.

"I think it talks to his confidence and his potential as a player. He's strong, he's physical, he catches the football when it's thrown in his direction, I would say, almost every time. I can't remember having a competitive play that he didn't make this spring. Are there things that he can get a lot better at in fall camp? Absolutely. He's a guy that can be a big-time impact for us offensively. He can be a competitive one-on-one playmaker out on the outside." - Josh Heupel on Trey Metoyer

His first catch of the day went for around 15 yards and he would catch five more after that to lead the team in total receiving yards with six receptions for 72 yards. He was pressed, zoned and cushioned yet still managed to find a way to get open and make superb catches. His physical play was a welcomed sight among a group of receivers that had previously lacked it.

"It felt good. That was my main worry, I guess you could say, me coming up here and performing the way I was supposed to. But if you're a player then you're going to play so I just think of it like that when I might get worried." - Trey Metoyer on his performance in the Red/White game

Metoyer is going to be a player who cannot be covered consistently one-on-one and that bodes well for this receiving corps but it also elevates him to the forefront at the position for the Sooners. After the game he admitted that Kenny Stills and Jaz Reynolds had been mentoring him throughout the spring which speaks volumes towards their leadership. They may, however, in turn be looking to Metoyer to be leading them on the field this fall.