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Oklahoma's Spring Red/White Game - What Are You Looking For?

Tomorrow brings us our final opportunity to see Oklahoma's football team in action until September rolls around. Several thousand people will attend the game from a variety of reasons ranging from the nostalgia of being in Oklahoma's Memorial Stadium to a chance to see a glimpse of some up and comers. However, there are also those who are looking to see a specific thing or two from the team such as Landry Jones' foot work or Javon Harris' reaction to the play-action pass. To that group the success of the glorified scrimmage will rise and fall on what they see.

So what about you? What are you hoping to see Saturday afternoon? Here are a few suggestions.

Aggressiveness of the offensive line - This unit has drawn mixed reviews through the spring. Some have said that they still look a bit tentative and as if they remain in the learning process and yet others say that they are playing aggressive, nasty and seem to have a chip on their shoulder. We need to see the latter to be excited about the prospects of this fall.

Adjustments in the secondary - Aaron Colvin isn't playing but speculation is that he's making the transition back to corner. Meanwhile Tony Jefferson, Gabe Lynn and Javon Harris are all moving to new positions within the secondary. At the end of the day this unit has to improve more than any other on the Sooner defense and at this point the coaches believe that they've put the guys in position to do that.

Trey Metoyer vs Kenny Stills - Yes, I do realize that they both play on the same side of the ball but come on people, there is a serious competition going on here. In the absence of Ryan Broyles everyone looked to Kenny Stills to fill the void as the go-to target. While Stills doesn't seem to be backing down from the challenge its been Metoyer who has turned more heads on the offensive side of the ball this spring than any other player. The person who may benefit most from the Metoyer/Stills attention is Jaz Reynolds who is going to be drawing a lot of single coverage this year.

The presence of Mike Stoops - He's baaaack! His voice can be heard all over the practice field but what does the return of Mike Stoops as defensive coordinator mean in terms of X's and O's and who does the departure of Brent Venables affect the defense and even more specific the linebacker corps? Lots to keep an eye on there.

The rushing attack - Roy Finch seems to have beefed up a little bit. Brennan Clay is possibly having the best spring of all the running backs and Danzel Williams is looking to make a great first impression. However, the greatest step to reviving Oklahoma's rushing attack goes back to the improvement of the offensive line.

Defensive end rotation - I'm willing to bet that RJ Washington and David King will be the starters on September 1st but how much depth is behind them in the way of Geneo Grissim, Chuka Ndulue and Chaz Nelson?

Will the back up quarterback battle finally be resolved? The success of Blake Bell last season could put unrealistic expectations on a young man who has yet to move up to #2 on the depth chart. There will be a lot of people looking to see who will take the field tomorrow afternoon once Landy Jones is done with his reps. Bell may have all the physical tools but up until now Drew Allen has the better grasp on the offense.

Well, that's just a few things to be looking for tomorrow. I'm sure there's more that I'm missing out on so feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comments section.