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Oklahoma's Trey Millard: Best Player On The Team?

The topic has been up for much debate in the past season. Not only has Trey Millard shown that he is a devastating lead blocker, but he has shown that he has some wheels. For lack of a better analogy, when Millard has the ball in his hands, it is almost like standing in front of a train waiting for it to hit you. While you may slow it down for a split second there is nothing more you can do. Millard is one of those players that the opposition can only hope to contain.

I am certain that I have not said anything that Sooner fans would disagree with. But, why are the coaches not of this same mentality?

This season, the Oklahoma Football program will see two new coaches, both on the defensive side of the ball. However, Tim Kish as well as Mike Stoops have noticed the same thing...he could possibly be the best player on this entire team.

"He's ‘The Slash'," he said of his junior fullback/tight end/H-back/jack of all trades. "I don't know how he remembers it all, but he does." - Mike Stoops (NewsOK)

As the quote above mentions, Trey Millard is a very versatile player. No, the coaches are not shying away from lining him up at any of the positions and getting him numerous snaps. After the injuries and transfers Oklahoma suffered at the running back position they were forced to throw in another option...Millard.

By last seasons numbers, Millard gained an average of 7.0 yards per carry. The next two below him averaged 5.5 yards per carry in Dominique Whaley and Roy Finch. However, the rub is that Millard only carried the ball a total of 24 times. If we were to divide that out, it would mean that Millard carried the ball a mere two times per game.

If Millard is the best player on the team, it is time to utilize his abilities! Coaches and players alike are talking about it but will we see it in action. Maybe the Spring Game will give us a glimpse of what we already know he can do. But, as mentioned on CCM before, Shining Moments In April Don't Necessarily Mean Shining Moments In The Fall. You can't put too much emphasis on the Spring Game as it is a way to showcase the incoming talent more than anything.