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Big 12 Basketball Tournament Open Thread - Day Two

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In the words of our fearless leader CCMachine "basketball is dead to me" so I can only imagine most OU fans are feeling something similar today after a less than satisfying end to our season last night.

But be that as it may, today is still a day full of some quality Big 12 basketball games and as such we're putting up this open thread for those still watching to discuss the games.

#4 Baylor vs. #5 Kansas State 11:30am CST ESPN2

#1 Kansas vs. #9 Texas A&M 2:00pm CST ESPN2

#2 Missouri vs. #7 Oklahoma State 6:00pm CST Big 12 Network

#3 Iowa State vs. #6 Texas 8:30pm CST Big 12 Network

#2 Oklahoma (women) vs. #10 Missouri 5:00pm CST FSN