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Arkansas Pine Bluff At #16 Oklahoma College Baseball Game Thread

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First Pitch: 3:00 p.m. (CST)
Location: Norman
Radio: KREF 1400 AM

This is a two-game series that Oklahoma not only should win but win comfortably. UAPB is the worst team that the Sooners have played to this point of t he season and its not even close. Here are the story lines to keep an eye on over the next two days.

* Pitching - Oklahoma needs more depth at pitching along with consistency. Chris Burgess will get the start today but also look for some pitchers over the next two days to make their first appearances of the season.

* Batting - The Sooner bats woke up in New Mexico and now Oklahoma needs to work on getting stronger from behind the plate. Only three Sooners have gone yard this season.

* Awareness And Working On The Little Things - Sunday's win against New Mexico was the worst base running performance of the season for OU. This is a young team that still needs to focus on developing some baseball fundamentals.

Here's your game thread. As you follow today's action be sure to talk about it here.