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2012 OU Spring Football - Over Analyzing Photos From Practice Day One

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You know you have way too much time on your hands when you're willing to browse through the 94 photos OU uploaded after their first day of practice. The funny thing is I wouldn't think I had that much time, but I guess when you're as big an OU addict as I am you make time. Yes, I have a problem. But the important thing is I'm okay with it. The wife, well that's another story but she knew what she was getting in to.

So thanks to Sooner Sports, where all these photos can be attributed to, here are some photos from today's first practice. You can see the full set of pics here.


Really excited for Jaz Reynolds and the news that he was cleared to practice. Any time you're dealing with an injury to an internal organ it's really scary. Welcome back Jaz!


He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.


Danzel Williams (#23) is a name you will get to know this spring at running back.


TE Brannon Green has got some guns on him. Daryl Williams and Tyler Evans next to him from left to right.


Jordan Phillips already showing off his pass rush ability. This kid could be really special at DT.


Mike Stoops with Jaydan Bird. Read today that Mike was really hands on not just with the secondary, but the LBs as well.


Blake Bell throwing the ball! Blake Bell throwing the ball!


New linebackers coach Tim Kish talking with Aaron Franklin.


CB Joe Powell back on defense and sporting a new number.


Come at me bro.


The Dozer


Your first glimpse at WR Trey Metoyer in the crimson and cream.


FB Trey Millard showing off his hands.


Fan favorite OG Adam Shead working the sled. Don't read into the knee brace, OU makes all their lineman wear them.